We’re tickled pink to officially announce that we’ll be publishing Alex Higley’s Old Open this August!

This story centers on a widower in Arizona, a man living in an empty existential sun-baked suburb who realizes that his mysterious neighbor is an expert on a possible extraterrestrial phenomenon. An odd premise to read about in a query, perhaps—but any premise can be well-executed by the right author, and it turned out that Alex had the chops not only to pull it off, but to do so with panache. There are echoes of Don DeLillo and Radiohead—artists who eloquently speak to the loneliness and longing of modern life. And yet his work is more than the sum of its influences—there’s a heart and soul to it, a warm sensitivity to the plight of its protagonist, and to the quirks and foibles of the people he comes across along the way. What’s more, the book somehow manages to evoke these existential questions while also being laugh-out-loud funny. We’re grateful for the chance to publish it, and looking forward to sharing it with you!