2015 Summer Internship Opportunities

Internship Candidates

Do you want to intern at a world-famous publishing venture? A place where your day-to-day responsibilities may be limited to opening mail, grabbing coffee, and maybe some time on Twitter, but where everyone you know wants to get published?

If so, then this is not the internship for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to be an empowered member of a small team, with real responsibility for budgeting, marketing, growing a business—and most importantly, producing and selling books—this might be what you’re looking for.

What’s more, there might be money in it for you. (Not a lot of money, because we’re not a big company yet—but money directly tied to your effectiveness and results.)

We’re looking for one or more summer interns to help with the following tasks:


-          Expand distribution of existing titles.

-          Develop a budgeted marketing plan to boost sales of existing titles through online advertising, reading groups, social media, and other methods as you see fit.

-          Execute the marketing plan.

-          Track the results of marketing, paying particular attention to the cost-effectiveness and time-effectiveness of various methods.

-          Tweet, but only as an absolute last resort.

-          Receive a cut of any increased revenue during the term of the internship.


-          Solicit new manuscripts in a variety of forms. (Novels, short story collections, novellas, poetry collections, short stories, long stories. We’ll consider most things, as long as they’re worthy of the Tortoise brand. And as long as they’re written—no albums, movies, or interpretive dance routines.)

-          Help determine which works to publish.

-          Receive a cut of any project you bring to Tortoise Books.

Business Development

-          Research and apply for publishing grants.

-          Investigate additional opportunities to grow the business.

Applicants must be in Chicago or its environs during the summer. Hours will be very flexible—we’re more focused on results than on time spent working. In fact, successful applicants are more than welcome to work elsewhere as well during the internship, but we will conduct weekly face-to-face meetings to review progress and plans.

If some (or all) of this interests you, please submit a brief cover letter using our submission form. (It’s on the bottom of the “WHY TORTOISE BOOKS” page.) Please touch on the following topics:

-          Introduction

-          What you’re reading now, and why

-          What books you love, and why

-          What’s overrated, and why

-          Your short-term goals in writing and/or publishing

-          Your long-term goals

Submissions will be open until April 25th. Solid prospects will be asked to email a resume and references. Interviews will be conducted by phone and/or in person until April 30th, with results announced May 1, and negotiation of final terms and timeframes shortly thereafter.