She Said What?

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She Said What?

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Radio. It's almost as easy as marriage and motherhood.

The excitement of a career on the air! Listeners asking for advice on dressing their girlfriends in leather bustiers; managers who believe every professional woman longs for a bouquet on Secretaries' Day; Saturday nights giving away free T-shirts and beer in country music bars; reporting on a day in the life of a dominatrix—all while juggling two kids, rescue dogs, and one cross-country move after another. Live the dream with Turi Ryder, a music jock and talk host on major-market stations from Chicago to Los Angeles, with stops in Minneapolis, Portland, and San Francisco along the way. This darkly comical, bitingly accurate, and lovingly fictionalized memoir will ring true for anyone who has longed for both a creative life and a family to come home to.

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“It’s a great read! But I should probably say I hated it.” - Bill Handel, KFI Radio

“If Joan Rivers, David Sedaris, Terry Gross, and Howard Stern conspired together to defy the laws of reproductive science, their daughter would be Turi Ryder. She Said What? is Ryder’s debut tell-all, no-holds-barred memoir, and its colorful vignettes are loaded with characters from her long career in talk radio, featuring the likes of dominatrixes, rabbis, and lesbian waterborne Girl Scouts. Following Ryder on her journey from nomadic child to talk show host to periodically reluctant mother, I found myself laughing out loud, wincing as Ryder smashes through glass ceilings, and surprisingly nostalgic for a golden age of radio I didn’t know existed. Can a professional woman in the entertainment industry capture the elusive work-life balance? Will Ryder’s relationship with husband “Save the Planet” survive the unstable, creative world of talk radio? Find out in She Said What?” - Joshua Safran, author, Free Spirit: Growing Up On the Road, and Off the Grid

"Turi Ryder has a most unique voice that broke through the sound proof ceiling in radio where women were and still are few. She is passionate, brilliant, and very, very funny. She will force you to read this book just as she forced me to say nice things about her—but she deserves it all. " - Charles Randolph-Wright, Director, Motown the Musical

“If you think Nora Ephron is the ultimate in funny, you haven’t read Turi Ryder!  This rollicking expose of the radio industry is witty, dishy and delightful.  Anyone interested in how media treats female talent will come away enlightened—and concerned.  This is also a book for anyone who has managed clueless bosses and quirky co-workers, complex friendships and the love and demands of partners and family—in short, life itself.” - Beryl Satter, author, Family Properties: How the Struggle Over Race and Real Estate Transformed Chicago and Urban America

“A brilliant and hilarious book about the late great world of radio, written by a woman who knows it as well, if not better, than anyone who’s ever worked in it. Turi shows the truth of the work, and the frustration of the environment. Every single paragraph is packed with the humor we all needed to survive in it.” - Phil Hendrie, Satirist

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